Key Video Assist Operator Technician


We offer package deals as well as individual customized solutions for any production and budget.

With us, there are no extra costs from other rental places - we cover VA equipment and operator from the monitors to the truck!

High End gear at competitive prices:

digital video rack
  • QTAKE HDx2 Video rack
  • 16x16 Video Hub
  • 23" touchscreen Operator monitor
  • 2x8" HD Operator monitors
  • Mixing Overlay as well as Soundmixer
  • chroma Key and editing
  • videoprinter black/white and JPEGs on USB stick available anytime! (superb color printer available)
  • signal boosters for a perfect image on every monitor on set.(Director, Operator, agency and production)
  • built in UPS with 1500W (uninterrupted powersupply on location, for videorack AND monitors)

  • 25" Sony OLED
  • 17" LCD Panasonic Broadcast (class 1)
  • 22" LCD
  • 42" HD Plasma
  • 9" CRT Sony BVM 9045 monitors SDI and SD
  • 5,6" TVLogic OLED
  • 7" wireless handheld monitors

last not least

  • NAVTECH ROVER -High End Video Transmitters and Receivers VERY good image quality and stability - we don't do bad UHF images like Canatrans or Modulus!!! (perfect for car and driving shots! you will not see the difference between a cable and this video link!!!)
  • ROVER Director 7" Handheld Monitor with build in receiver
  • Downconverters, Upconverters, Genlock Modules, and more..
  • 6x Sony DV Clamshells GV 900 4,3"TFT
  • magliner
  • professional video editing and VFX in realtime on location (experienced editor)

we offer mobile Video Assist Units, light equipped and power-independent


  • notebook with special developed VA Software
  • drop tested external HDD (US Military Standard - MIL-STD 810F METH.516.5 Proc.IV)
  • realtime editing on location 
  • compact and easy to carry mini 19" rack
  • seperate handheld monitors, as well as 17" and 19" directors monitors
  • everything can run on battery
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